Australian Wine Exports

Discover Australian Wine Exports by the Glass with Glass a Wine

When it comes to Australian wine exports, many businesses may assume that bottles of wine are their only option. However, there’s a new player in town now: Glass a Wine. Just as our name implies, we sell commercial single-serve wine glasses in Australia, providing the ease and flexibility of being able to serve wine by the glass or by the bottle. Our clients span many industries and include restaurants, caterers, airlines, cruise operators, hotel minibars, concerts, sporting events, retirement villages, cinemas, and more.

Problems Single-Serve Wine in Australia Can Address

There are several problems with having to open a whole bottle of wine each time someone wants a glass, but until now, there have been very few solutions. Glass a Wine offers the ability to serve the same quality wines that come in bottles – just by the individual glass instead. Here are a few of the problems our service addresses.

  • Limited wine lists. Restaurants, caterers, and home chefs can now expand their culinary options by adding more wines to their menus without worrying about having to use an entire bottle at once.
  • Financial and physical waste. We eliminate waste by selling wines packaged in individual glasses that are stylish and reusable, saving you money and helping protect the environment.
  • Spoiled wine. When you choose Glass a Wine as your wholesale Australian wine distributor, your wine will always stay fresh and easily accessible – no more ruined bottles.

We remove the problems involved in serving wine only by the bottle but keep all the pleasure.

Benefits of Single-Serve Wholesale Wine Distributors in Australia

Because of the many complaints we heard regarding people wanting to have just a glass of wine without opening an entire bottle, we decided to make it a reality. Here are a few of the best benefits of working with Glass a Wine in Australia.

  • Each person chooses the wine they want. There’s no need to force customers to compromise on their wine when it’s available in single servings so that everyone can have their first pick.
  • An alternative to beer. Lots of people love to pop open a cold one on a hot day, but single-serve wine provides an alternative for people who aren’t crazy about the sudsy stuff or who just feel like wine instead.
  • The perfect amount every time. Each single-serve wine glass is a perfectly-portioned, standard glass of wine. You won’t have to worry about measuring or over- or under-pouring – just open the reusable glass and serve.
  • A wide variety of uses. Single-serve wines are for home use but also for concerts, sporting events, restaurants, catered events, hotels, airlines, and many more.

There are many ways to use single-serving wine glasses and lots of advantages overstocking and opening whole bottles.

Signs You Should Buy Wine Wholesale in Australia

Should you use international distributors of single-serve wine in Australia? There are many reasons to do so, and many individuals and businesses who can benefit from such a service. Here are some signs you should invest in single-serve wine glasses today.

  • You are a home chef who entertains a lot. Do you go through a lot of wine at dinner parties and other small (or large) social gatherings? Do you end up pouring out half-drunk bottles of wine every time? Replace those bottles with single glasses and never pour out wine again.
  • You are the owner or decision-maker of a restaurant that serves wine. Customers will appreciate the freedom of a wider selection of wines by the glass and not having to decide as a table what type of wine they want. Enhance your customer experience by giving everyone their favourite wine by the glass.
  • You want a modern alternative to bottles of wine. Our wine glasses are attractive, recyclable, reusable, and elegant. They’re also convenient and the perfect way to take wine along with you wherever you go. Your customers will love the fresh new look and the convenience of wine by the glass.

These are just a few ideas; there are many indications that you or your business could benefit from partnering with Glass a Wine for a wide range of wines by the individual serving.

Why Trust Glass a Wine as Your Single Service Wine Distributor in Australia

Glass a Wine offers a growing selection of fine Australian wines in single-serve, ready-to-drink glasses (stems optional). We don’t sell just any wine; instead, our wines are:

  • Handpicked from an exceptional range of fine Australian wines
  • Distributed internationally to customers in all industries
  • Packaged and enjoyed in portable, no-fuss, ready-to-drink glasses

We partner with selected wineries in the best Australian wine regions to present excellent wines in each four- or twelve-glass case. We have combined award-winning Australian and New Zealand wines with patented single-serve wine technology to supply global markets with delicious wines in sustainable, stylish glasses.

What You Stand to Lose by Not Using Glass a Wine

We think the difference is clear. Wanting a single glass of wine but being faced with opening a whole bottle is a decades-old problem. We now offer a solution for wine lovers and wine sellers around the world. Your customers will love our outstanding wines and their single-serve format, having a way to enjoy the exact same wine that comes in their favourite bottles – but in an individual glass poured just for them.

Contact Glass a Wine today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.