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Australian Wine Exports

When it comes to Australian wine exports, many businesses may assume that bottles of wine are their only option. However, there’s a new player in town now: Glass a Wine. Just as our name implies, …read more

Australian Wineries

At Glass a Wine, we produce convenient single serve glasses to explore a variety of Australian wineries. Now you don’t have to open a bottle to enjoy a little bit of New Zealand and Australia. …read more

Buy Wine Australia

With over sixty wine regions, it’s easy to buy quality wine in Australia. At Glass a Wine, we partner with wineries to produce convenient single-serve glasses of wine designed for commercial use such as …read more

Great Australian Wines

Are you struggling to find great Australian wines in individualised servings? The team at Glass a Wine has a solution to end your search. Our four pack wine boxes offer choices from many of the leading …read more

Portable Wine Glass Australia

A portable wine glass in Australia comes in handy for a quick sip of wine at a cocktail party or a special event. Glass a Wine is a leading distributor of single serve wine options for numerous commercial …read more

Wine Distributors Australia

Join the new trend in wine service from our wine distributors in Australia. Glass a Wine has developed a reusable wine glass with or without a stem that packs neatly in a picnic basket or cooler and eliminates …read more

Unique Wine Glasses Australia

How are Glass a Wine’s unique wine glasses in Australia different from the way you’ve been serving wine? This innovative new technology allows you to serve or enjoy wine by the glass without having to open a whole bottle. Many people enjoy having a glass of wine at dinner or bedtime …read more