GLASS a WINE means to ”WINE DOWN” with a GLASS of WINE from “DOWN UNDER”.

GLASS a WINE refers specifically to the growing selection of fine Australian wines now available in single serve ready to drink GLASS a WINE glasses.

GLASS a WINE does not refer to just any ‘glass of wine’ but to wines:

  • Selected from an outstanding range of quality Australian wines
  • Distributed internationally under the GLASS a WINE banner
  • Enjoyed in no fuss, take anywhere, ready to drink GLASS a WINE glasses

GLASS a WINE is partnering with selected wineries from renowned Australian wine regions to present outstanding wines.

GLASS a WINE is being launched with two first class wines.

Wine lovers around the world can now enjoy outstanding Australian wines in single serve glasses without needing to open a bottle.

Australian Wine Corporation has established GLASS a WINE to be the “go to” global supplier of first class Australian wines in ready to drink glasses.

GLASS a WINE combines internationally patented single serve wine technology with award winning Australian wines to supply global markets with outstanding wines in stylish glasses.

GLASS a WINE is establishing partnerships with:

-  Australian Wineries:

to showcase individual wines and develop their global foot print in the single serve space by providing contract manufacturing services and a global distribution network

International Distributors:

to introduce these wines into domestic and global markets

-  Commercial Users:

so airlines, cruise operators, cinemas and events, retirement villages, restaurants and mini bars in hotels can participate in the single serve wine space

GLASS a WINE provides access to:

  • Outstanding Australian wines
  • Internationally patented technology and stylish single serve glasses
  • Dependable contract manufacturing and quality control services
  • Unique packaging and branding solutions for individual wineries
  • Domestic and global markets directly through effective distribution networks
  • Commercial clients to feature individual wines in their own businesses


Innovative products, social media, digital marketing, amazing branding and unique packaging are all contributing to the incredible revolution transforming international beverage markets.

Mobility, variety, ready access and casual convenience epitomise today's lifestyle trends.

Single serve packaging is a vital element of food, beverage and entertainment markets including spirits, cocktails, energy drinks and craft beers.

In contrast wine has remained significantly traditional with 750ml bottles.

Ready to drink quality wine in reusable recyclable glasses is the perfect game changer.

Australian winemakers have an impressive international reputation for their award winning wines.

Australian winemaker Thomas Angove developed vacuum sealed cask wine over 50 years ago to protect wine from exposure to oxygen.

GLASS a WINE has utilized the outstanding features of cask and bottle wine to produce great wine in vacuum sealed ready to drink glasses.

GLASS a WINE enhances our wine experience by providing:

  • stylish, unbreakable, no fuss, take anywhere, reusable and recyclable glasses
  • convenient, adaptable glasses that can be refilled and reused with other beverages
  • generous individual 188ml servings of your favourite wines
  • 4 packs of ready to drink glasses equal to a 750ml bottle of the identical wine
  • an aluminium foil seal giving 18 months plus shelf life for whites and 24 months plus for reds
  • individual glasses of award winning wine that remain sealed and fresh until opened

GLASS a WINE provides just so many outstanding advantages for consumers that include:

  • elimination of waste and partially consumed bottles
  • no fuss, easy access, wine enjoyment
  • no more compromising on our wine selection
  • ensuring we are now in control of the quality and quantity of the wine we consume
  • enjoying individual servings of award winning quality wines

GLASS a WINE’s internationally patented technology streamlines the filling process and enhances wine characteristics.

GLASS a WINE in partnership with Australian wineries leads the world in single serve wines.

Quality Australian Wines

Ready To Drink Single Serves