GLASS a WINE is all about the wine.

GLASS a WINE markets award winning Australian wines in partnership with selected wineries.

GLASS a WINE glasses are a classic tumbler bowl available either as a stem or stemless glass simply by attaching the optional lock in stem.

The stylish reusable unbreakable glasses have the appearance of glass but the advantages of food grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate), are free of Bisphenol-A (BPA) and are 100% recyclable with a low carbon footprint.

The aluminum foil seal provides white wines with 18 months plus shelf life and red wines 2 years plus.

The plastic cap fits securely over the glass rim, prevents piercing of the foil, avoids spilling and enables glasses to be refilled.

GLASS a WINE provides contract manufacturing services to wineries incorporating filling of glasses, branding and packaging design.

GLASS a WINE featuring unique branding and packaging is available in:

- a 4 pack box of 188mls glasses, the equivalent of a 750ml bottle
- a commercial pack for airline catering comprising 12 and 20 glasses
- a consumer tote bag containing 2 glasses for events and cellar door sales
- a convenient 2 glass shrink wrap pack

Glasses are filled at room temperature without added preservatives and sealed utilising internationally patented technology that maintains the unique properties and characteristics of individual wines.


GLASS a WINE provides so many advantages for wineries, commercial clients and wine lovers.


GLASS a WINE is partnering with award winning Australian wineries to provide global markets with quality wines in convenient single glasses.

GLASS a WINE enables Australian wineries:

-           to be foundation partners in global “by the glass” single serve markets

-           to access proven internationally patented filling technology

-           to market their wines in individual stylish ready to drink glasses

-           to enter global single serve markets with their own unique branding and packaging

-           to target international markets with sales and distribution support

-          to expand and diversify their product range using their existing award winning wines

is developing internationally:

- with the release of evoque wine as the first of the GLASS a WINE collection

- partnering with wineries to create their uniquely branded ready to drink 4 packs

- through commercial users and focused distribution networks in targeted territories


The GLASS a WINE global roll out of evoque has been designed so:

- commercial users appreciate its advantages and introduce the wines into their businesses

- wineries recognise by joining the programme they expand their wine range and enhance their brand appeal

- consumers experience the wines through the commercial user’s global establishments

- distributors introduce these wines into their territories and gain traction in their markets

Participating wineries can ride the wave of the single serve market, complementing their bottle sales, broadening the market appeal of their wines, boosting their brand identity, reducing dependence on bottle sales and increasing profitability.

Whilst consumers may initially be attracted by the convenient stylish glasses they quickly appreciate the wine quality.

GLASS a WINE single serve wine is not a temporary phenomenon but a long term player.

Wines in the GLASS a WINE collection enjoy a distinct advantage over those only available in 750ml bottles.

GLASS a WINE is a unique opportunity for wineries to highlight their outstanding wine quality and build brand patronage.

Discerning consumers judge a wine on its merits irrespective if it is poured from a bottle or enjoyed by the glass.

When a 750ml wine bottle is opened the entire contents are exposed to the air and progressively oxidise.

In contrast each GLASS a WINE sealed glass remains fresh until opened.


Marketers seek to positively differentiate their wines so consumers recall, prefer and purchase them.

With GLASS a WINE wineries are able to excite consumers and highlight and differentiate their wines.

GLASS a WINE simplifies the decision process for consumers by:

  • establishing GLASS a WINE as a trusted brand representing quality value wines
  • providing a range of outstanding wines in convenient, individual 188ml servings
  • supplying great wines in stylish, reusable, recyclable, practical ready to drink glasses

GLASS a WINE launched the evoque 4 pack so wineries could recognise its potential and appreciate how they too could participate in this market.

The GLASS a WINE collection will expand as partnerships are established with selected wineries.

The opportunity to be an early adopter is limited to those that identify the opportunity and commit to being part of it.

GLASS a WINE enables wineries to:

  • expand their product range and gain global brand exposure utilising their existing wines

  • increase their revenue and reduce their dependence on 750ml bottle sales

  • expand their customer reach and increase traction in existing and new markets

GLASS a WINE invites award winning Australian wineries to participate in global single serve markets to:

-          develop their brand with a complementary breakthrough new product utilising their existing wines

-          access the targeted marketing programs and distribution channels developed by GLASS a WINE

-          generate increased revenue and profit with realistic commitments


GLASS a WINE is available internationally through distributors and commercial users.

GLASS a WINE is initially entering the Australian single serve domestic market through Business to Business (“B2B”) Commercial Users that sell beverages within their own establishments and include:

  • airlines, trains and cruise operators
  • hotel / motel mini bars
  • cinemas, sport and entertainment events
  • restaurants and caterers
  • hospitals and retirement villages

GLASS a WINE recognises the experience and talents of its commercial users and distributors and works closely with them to provide support in developing their markets.

The GLASS a WINE sealed glasses are highly functional and adaptable contributing to:

-          space and weight savings and fast and efficient airline passenger servicing

-          reduced broken glass and improved safety at the beach, around pools and on the water

-          rapid and economical service delivery at social, sporting and cultural events

-           stylish, robust and convenient hotel mini bar access

-           an enhanced selection of wines by the glass at restaurants and functions

-          increased revenue and profitability at restaurants and bars

-           an end to the ritual of throwing out partially consumed ‘dead’ wine bottles

-          the use of environmentally responsible, reusable recyclable glasses


Elegant GLASS a WINE designed glasses are the perfect solution for so many occasions:

-           no longer do we need to open a bottle when we only want a glass

-           providing ready access to a glass of award winning wine anywhere at any time

-           so convenient and accessible to transport and enjoy

-           travel light and reduce space and weight when trekking or flying

-           safe no fuss convenience at picnics, festivals and sporting events

GLASS a WINE looks forward to hearing from enterprising commercial users and distributors interested in joining the global single serve wine wave.


GLASS a WINE is perfect for on the go, pleasure seeking, discerning wine lovers.

GLASS a WINE means wine lovers can now enjoy their favourite wines:

-           “by the bottle” or “by the glass” whenever and wherever they choose

-           without needing to open or finish a bottle

-           simply by opening a glass of wine

-           without compromising on their wine selection 

-           matching their selected dishes with a glass of their preferred wine

-          with a freshly opened glass not spoilt by oxidation

Is it any wonder that consumers are genuinely confused when they check a ‘wine app’, read a wine list or visit their bottle shop and are confronted by a bewildering array of competing wine bottle options.

GLASS a WINE provides the perfect answer with genuine real appeal providing:

-           single glasses of quality wine brands we enjoy and can rely upon

-           stylish no fuss convenience

-           take anywhere unbreakable reusable glassware

Is it any wonder GLASS a WINE is no longer a secret but the perfect solution.

Enjoy and celebrate with GLASS a WINE.


It is imperative that we all do our utmost to ensure that our earth’s natural beauty, fauna and foliage is protected and our environment remains pristine and intact for future generations.

Whilst we may consider it is responsible to recycle many of our planet’s precious raw materials regrettably current technology and the associated costs invariably mean recycling is not necessarily the preferred solution.

Clearly it is preferable to reuse existing products than to recycle them wherever possible.

GLASS a WINE is vitally concerned about our environment.

Whilst GLASS a WINE glasses are both reusable and recyclable we strongly recommend as a priority that we all reuse and reuse them.

GLASS a WINE glasses have been designed “to be reusedrepeatedly.

GLASS a WINE means we can enjoy ourselves, our surroundings and our wine and still be environmentally responsible.

GLASS a WINE encourages the Responsible Service of Alcohol, so wine lovers can monitor their wine consumption, avoid the need to finish a bottle and enable the remaining glasses of the 4 pack to be enjoyed fresh on another occasion.

GLASS a WINE is quality wine in a 4 pack of reusable glasses packed in recyclable cardboard.

The 188ml glasses are sealed with an aluminium foil to provide exceptional shelf life and a plastic cap so they can be reused.

White wines have a shelf life of 18 months plus and the red wines a shelf life of 2 years plus.

GLASS a WINE also supplies paper tote bags for single and twin glasses at wine events.

GLASS a WINE encourages wine lovers to reuse their glasses just as they would their household glasses in preference to recycling and certainly instead of being sent to fill.

The stylish glasses with an optional stem can be used as tumbler glasses or as attractive stemmed wine glasses and packed away with picnic and travel gear for outside entertaining.

As the glasses are shatterproof they are ideal for picnics and school lunches providing fresh portion control servings of liquids, condiments, fruits and snacks.