GLASS a WINE is initially entering the Australian domestic market through Business to Business (“B2B”) Commercial Users that use or sell beverages directly through their own establishments and include:    

-           sport, entertainment, concerts, events and cinemas

-           restaurants and caterers

-          hotel mini bars, hospitals and retirement villages

-          airlines, train and cruise operators

Initially GLASS a WINE is not an e-commerce website and our domestic priority is not the consumer market.

However GLASS a WINE welcomes all enquiries including those of consumers.

GLASS a WINE is also keen to establish an online wine club presence to service its many interested domestic consumers.

GLASS a WINE encourages all interested parties to get in touch with us by providing details in CONTACT on this website.



GLASS a WINE is rolling out its global distribution network in targeted territories.

GLASS a WINE is partnering with successful and experienced local distributors and commercial users in their territories.

GLASS a WINE is keen to ensure great Australian wines are available in diverse global markets, on South African safaris, from Tokyo vending machines, on Scandinavian cruise ships, at New York ball games, on Spanish walking trails and on the London Underground.

Come on board and relax with a glass of great Australian wine.

GLASS a WINE looks forward to hearing from enthusiastic distributors and commercial users that recognize the potential and are interested in a successful rollout in their region.