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Wine Distributors in Australia Find Benefits of Single Serve Wine

Join the new trend in wine service from our wine distributors in Australia. Glass a Wine has developed a reusable wine glass with or without a stem that packs neatly in a picnic basket or cooler and eliminates the need for bottle openers. Each glass is sealed for freshness, reusable and recyclable. Single serve wine glasses also enable quick service without bottle waste and spoilage

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Wine Distributors in Australia

Glass a Wine is entering the market on a Business to Business (“B2B”) level to commercial users who use or sell beverages directly through their businesses. Now you can distribute your wines in convenient take-along glasses which allow consumers to try more of your vineyard’s selections. The individual servings offer consumers the opportunity to mix and match when packing a basket for a picnic or outdoor event.

  • The single-serve containers make great additions to hotel minibars for guests to enjoy a glass of wine in their room after a full day of business meetings or sightseeing. Guests will be more inclined to purchase a glass rather than a full bottle which may go to waste.
  • Cinemas that offer alcoholic beverages will find serving single-serve wine glasses get drinks into patrons’ hands faster, and the glasses are 100% recyclable to reduce waste in landfills.
  • Restaurants end up with partially consumed bottles at the end of the night. Single-serve wine glasses speeds up delivery and reduces waste.

What You Can Expect from Glass a Wine Regarding Wine Distributors in Australia

We are partnering with Australian wineries to present their wines in a size that is more convenient and allows trial without opening a full bottle. Our innovative glass design and filling techniques will enable you to buy wine wholesale in Australia that lasts for 18 months for white wine and two years for red wines.

  • Our airline single serve wine in Australia makes beverage service quicker and with less waste in the confines of an aeroplane.
  • Cruise ship single serve wine in Australia helps bar staff keep up with passenger requests without having to open and waste bottles.
  • Train travel single serve wine in Australia allows passengers to enjoy a glass while perusing the passing countryside and minimises waste in compact spaces.

Creative Ways to Use Single-Serve Wine Glass for Events in Australia

Wine bottles are heavy, bulky and usually require a corkscrew to open. A single serve wine glass made from food grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is lighter and more comfortable to pack in a basket for any event.

  • Patrons can enjoy a glass of wine at an outdoor concert with friends – pack a glass or two instead of an entire bottle and reuse the re-sealable glass for water on the ride home.
  • If partners disagree on which wine to bring, they can bring both – a glass of white and a glass of red.
  • The glasses have reusable seals and are ideal to refill with juice or water for the kids on an outing to the playground. The sealed containers pack well and keep contents fresh for active youngsters.

Why Trust Glass a Wine Regarding Wine Distributors in Australia

We have developed a new way to distribute wine that provides convenience for wine service while offering fine Australian wines. Consumers will enjoy the convenience of the single serve glasses that can be reused or recycled. Eliminating the bottle opens a host of markets that will benefit from wine service without a bottle. Simply remove the plastic cover and foil seal to enjoy a glass of your favourite Australian wine anywhere. Recover any leftovers to enjoy later.

Contact us for more information on our single serve wines and how they can benefit your establishment. You’ll be surprised at their versatility and selection of fine Australian wines.