Australian Wineries

Australian Wineries Produce Award Winning Wines

At Glass a Wine, we produce convenient single serve glasses to explore a variety of Australian wineries. Now you don’t have to open a bottle to enjoy a little bit of New Zealand and Australia.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Quality Wines in Australia

To maintain the flavour and quality of your glass, avoid the following wine mistakes:

  • Oxidation – Oxidation occurs when the wine is exposed to too much oxygen. A little bit of oxygen will enhance your wine, but too much will impact the colour and taste and occurs most often when we open a bottle, but only drink a glass or two. Storing an open wine bottle and avoiding oxidation is challenging. Avoid wasted wine by choosing a single serving glass over opening a bottle.
  • Watered down wine – On a hot summer’s day adding ice to your glass of wine can seem like a cooling idea. However, as the water melts, your glass of wine becomes watered down. Watered down wine is not as flavourful or enjoyable, particularly when drinking a high-quality wine. Avoid adding ice to your wine as it impacts the experience of enjoying a decent glass of Australian wine.
  • Not being adventurous – Once you have experienced a few wines and have a few favourites, try to expand your options. Experiment with new quality wines by trying ones that are similar to your favourites. Rather than investing in a bottle, we offer single-serve glasses, which allows you to try a new wine, and if you do not enjoy it, you avoid wasting the remaining bottle.

New Zealand and Australia produce award-winning wines that should be enjoyed with the correct oxygen exposure and avoid added ice to ensure the preservation of the flavour.

Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Australian Wine

There are many benefits when purchasing environmentally friendly Australian wine, including:

  • Reduced gas emissions – By supporting your local wine business, you reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Products do not have to be shipped long distances to be profitable for the wine producer.
  • Biodynamic practices – Biodynamic practices are a holistic agricultural practice that grow healthy grapes within their own ecosystem. Producers use natural pesticides, weed killers, plants, and wildlife to support the growth process. These practices produce grapes that are safer for consumption and use in winemaking.
  • Reduce chemical exposure – Purchasing environmentally friendly Australian wine supports producers who use minimal chemicals in the growing process. By lowering chemical usage, producers reduce air, water, and soil pollution associated with traditional growing methods. This method leads to a wine that contains fewer harmful chemicals and is less harmful to the environment.

About Glass a Wine

Glass A Wine carries a range of New Zealand and Australian wines in convenient single serve glasses. We work closely with wineries to create unique packaging for your wine. Our glasses are reusable and provide a ready to drink quantity of wine for airlines, hotels, and restaurants.

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