Great Australian Wines

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Are you struggling to find great Australian wines in individualised servings? The team at Glass a Wine has a solution to end your search. Our four pack wine boxes offer choices from many of the leading wine wineries in Australia.

Related Services We Provide to Value Australian Wine

We offer more than just a selection of excellent value Australian wine. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Eco-friendly designs: Our single serve wine option is not only a unique way for your customers to sample different types of wine but shows off our commitment to carrying brands that don’t harm the environment. Our glasses are recyclable, resealable, and reusable for multiple uses.
  • Domestic and international distributions: We understand that there is a desire for Australian wine all over the world, which is why we offer our product worldwide. Whether you are opening a restaurant in Australia or providing alcohol at your theatre in New York City, we can provide you with an excellent wine inventory.
  • Award-winning winery partnership: Our team is proud to work with some of the best wineries in Australia and New Zealand. We offer options for both red and white wine to suit the preferences of your unique clientele.

Problems that Leading Australian Wine Can Address

Keeping our leading wines on hand can remedy many issues. Just a few examples are:

  • Unhappy clients: Are you in the habit of having only beer, hard liquor or wine by the bottle available at your venue? This situation could lead to disappointed clients that are sad to see that they don’t have the option to sip on a quality glass of wine while they are visiting your venue without having to purchase an entire bottle.
  • Restricted shelf life: You never have to worry about your cups of wine losing their great flavour in a short period. Our tumblers are covered with an aluminium foil seal that gives our white wine an average storage time of 18 months and 24 months for red wine.
  • Concerns regarding size: Are you worried that our glass sizes will not be big enough for your clients? We can put your fears to rest. Our tumblers are filled with 188ml of delicious wine and come in four per box, which is equal to a 750ml bottle. Your patrons will always receive a generous amount of wine regardless of what type they select.

Avoiding these difficulties help you operate your business more efficiently and makes your customer happier.

About Glass a Wine

Glass a Wine strives to be synonymous with great Australian wines. You are sure to remember our distinct brand and packaging, along with a satisfying taste in every sip. Our team goes to great lengths to establish lasting relationships with our clients. We are available to address any of your questions regarding the details of our inventory, so you’ll feel comfortable with your purchase.

To place your order for our value Australian wine, please reach out to us through our contact page.