Unique Wine Glasses Australia

Glass a Wine Unique Wine Glasses in Australia, Perfect for Wine Lovers

How are Glass a Wine’s unique wine glasses in Australia different from the way you’ve been serving wine? This innovative new technology allows you to serve or enjoy wine by the glass without having to open a whole bottle. Many people enjoy having a glass of wine at dinner or bedtime but don’t want to buy an entire bottle in a restaurant or open one at home. Being able to enjoy just a single glass provides multiple benefits and is a long-overdue indulgence for wine lovers everywhere. That’s why Glass a Wine is now bringing you a growing range of award-winning wines in our single-serve take-anywhere wine glass in Australia.

Problems Single-Serve Australian Wine Addresses

Wine is a delicious and relaxing way to end the day, but many individuals and businesses struggle with one specific problem: what to do with the rest of the wine in the bottle. It’s never the same the next day, and if you’re the only one who wants that particular wine, you risk wasting a significant amount of money and (more importantly) tasty, high-quality wine. Here are a few of the problems you can solve by purchasing wine in our special wine glasses in Australia.

  • It’s easy to keep pouring from a bottle without any idea of how much wine you’ve had already. Single-serve wine glasses are perfect for helping consumers keep track of how much they consume.
  • People who like to enjoy wine only occasionally can benefit from these small wine glasses in Australia, which enable them to have a glass when the mood strikes while keeping the rest fresh in storage until the next time.
  • Open wine begins its unfavourable transformation quickly, an issue that is easily avoided by choosing wine in single-serve, wine to-go cups in Australia.
  • When you serve wine only by the bottle, your customers often have to choose one for the table, which almost always means that someone will have to compromise. Make your restaurant stand out by offering each customer the option to select their own wine in a personal single-serve stemless wine tumbler in Australia.

These are just a few of the problems you can solve by choosing no-fuss wine glasses in Australia from Glass a Wine.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Ready-to-Drink Single-Serve Wine in Australia

Wine by the glass is something that has grown wildly in popularity among a variety of businesses including restaurants, wineries, airlines, cruise ships, event venues, and more. However, serving wine this way comes with its challenges. Here are a few tips for having the best experience with your “wine by the glass” program.

  • Use single-serve wine glasses. Open bottles of wine spoil quickly. If one customer orders a particular wine but no one else does for hours, the wine will lose quality. Individually-sealed glasses of wine maintain their freshness for months (or years) on end when stored correctly.
  • Consider your mix of products. Make sure that your wine-by-the-glass offerings include at least a house white and a house red to give your customers enough variety to satisfy many of their tastes while keeping your waste to a minimum.
  • Prepare for the launch of your new program. If you haven’t served wine by the glass before, it’s essential to prepare for your program’s start. For example, you’ll need to reprogram your point-of-sale system, print a new wine list, and train your staff.

Fast Facts about Reusable Wine Glasses in Australia

Even if you drink a lot of Australian wine, you may not know it all that well. These facts can take your knowledge of our local wines and Glass a Wine to the next level.

  • Our grapevines are some of the world’s oldest. Many of the existing vineyards in Europe and Australia were destroyed in the 1800s by the phylloxera pest. However, South Australia remained unaffected thanks to strict quarantine rules.
  • Australia happens to be the world’s fifth largest wine producer and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. However, we’re typically neck-and-neck with Argentina, depending on the year.
  • We love local wines so much that less than 20% of the market share belongs to imports. Bonus fact: the most favoured wines in Australia are whites.
  • Four glasses of wine equal one bottle. Glass a Wine packages our wine in unbreakable glasses in Australia, perfectly portioned so that four are the equivalent of one 750ml bottle of wine.

About the Team at Glass a Wine

At Glass a Wine, we are wine lovers just like you who experienced the same joys and challenges associated with wine by the bottle. We grew tired of wasting wine by having to open up a bottle only to have a glass – or not drinking wine when we wanted it because we didn’t want to open the whole bottle. Hence, we created our single-serve glasses of wine, the perfect solution to the bottle conundrum. Now, we make our wines available to you so that you can pass on their convenience and innovation to your own customers.

  • We are passionate about wine. We choose award-winning Australian wines to package into our single-serve glasses, which you can purchase by the case to offer your customers whether they are restaurant owners, venue operators, event coordinators, airlines, cruise ship operators, or anyone else who needs the ease and cost-effectiveness of single glasses of wine.
  • We love Australian wines and are proud to use them in our convenience wine glasses. It’s our sincere hope that you and your customers will love the wines we choose as much as we do. Choose from our whites and reds or better yet – keep both on hand to satisfy all your customers’ preferences.
  • We believe in an excellent customer experience, above all. We want your experience with Glass a Wine to be exceptional. That’s why we offer friendly, professional service, a choice of wine case sizes, and a vast delivery area (even outside Australia).
  • We’ve thought of every detail when it comes to our wines, right down to the recyclable, reusable glasses, the plastic lids that allow you to reuse the cups for more wine or non-alcoholic beverages later, and the optional stems that snap on for people who prefer stemmed glasses.

Creative Ways to Use Single-Serve Wine Tumbler Glasses in Australia

Wine by the glass isn’t a niche product – it’s a widely popular practice as most people when they go out to dinner or have a seat at a bar don’t plan to consume an entire bottle of wine. Now, single-serve wine glasses are a rapidly growing market as more and more business owners discover the benefits of serving one glass of wine at a time – without opening a whole bottle, too much of which is likely to go to waste. Not sure if you could use our product? Here are just a few great applications for single-serve wine glasses:

  • Airlines, cruises, and trains. All these transport industries have room for single-serve wine glasses. If you provide transportation and serve wine to your customers, you need single-serve wines around. Most of your passengers won’t need a whole bottle of wine, and you’ll reduce waste by opening just a glass instead of a bottle. Give your customers a way to relax with their favourite wine, one glass at a time, and they’ll come back for more.
  • Wine wastage is a common problem in restaurants and home kitchens alike. Even if you’re entertaining several people, they may not all prefer the same wine, and the likely result is wasted wine at the end of the evening. Solve the problem with wine glasses that allow you to serve wine “by the glass” and “by the bottle” with equal ease.
  • Cinemas and events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate events, and more are the perfect places for single-serve wines. Stock up for your next event and watch your happy attendees enjoy themselves with their individual (and unbreakable) glasses of wine.
  • In addition to the above markets, we also enable our Australian winery partners and their award-winning wines to expand into global wine markets by taking advantage of our direct distribution channels.

Why Trust Glass a Wine Regarding Tumbler Glasses of Australian Wine

At Glass a Wine, if there’s one thing everyone on our teams knows and loves, it’s wine. We bring single-serve convenience to award-winning Australian and New Zealand wines that generally retail for $20+ per bottle, making it much more cost-effective to serve without risking waste. Our tumbler glasses can be used with or without the stem and can be used repeatedly, making them a sustainable product. Contact Glass a Wine today for more information on how we can help you up your wine game today.