GLASS a WINE is Set to Revolutionize Global Wine Markets


Australia is a remarkable country of extremes and contrasts; with a population of only 25 million people, it is the largest island in the world; the smallest continent in the world; comprises 8,222 islands; contains the world’s largest living organism The Great Barrier Reef; is the only country in the world without an active volcano and contains the world’s oldest living organism The Stromatolites in Western Australia.

Is it any wonder it is known for producing an array of incredible and unique, clean and green products?

Australia has an enviable reputation for producing outstanding wines from approximately 100 major wine regions across the country.

Talented winemakers have created a bewildering and diverse range of first class wines from an impressive selection of grape varieties impacted by diverse soil, topography, weather and climate conditions.

Just imagine if more of these great wines were easily available in global markets.

GLASS a WINE in partnership with selected Australian wineries is delighted to announce it is not only ensuring more great Australian wines are more readily available in global markets but it is distributing them in convenient reusable single serve glasses.

No longer do we need to open a bottle of wine to enjoy one or more glasses of quality wine.

GLASS a WINE invites:

–           Australian Wineries

–           International Commercial Users and

–           Global Distributors

excited by the global opportunities single serve wine provides to join with us in participating in the international success of this wine revolution.

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  1. Mary Fogelberg on April 1, 2019 at 3:52 am

    Fantastic concept, will make a world of difference when my husband and I are travelling – so often on arrival at a hotel after a long flight, we’re only interested in room service and a glass of wine each, often leaving half a bottle of unused wine purchased from the mini bar, such a waste – glassawine would certainly solve this beverage and cost wastage for us – and, for those drinking from the same opened bottle of wine a second night, freshness is compromised – not with glassawine, always fresh!

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